An absolutely “WOW” Chardonnay!

In terms of white wines, Chardonnays are always a seductive and elegant option. Cultivated all over the world, we can find very good exponents and we are used to its particularities and expression. But in addition, sometimes you can still be surprised by outstanding ones like this Spanish Chardonnay!

Hacienda de Arinzano is a protected, rich and natural area and it’s the first zone who got the “Pago” status in the North of Spain, which means the highest category for Spanish wines, above DOCa. Only wines coming from excellent and unique climate and terroir, but also from the most qualitative vines and winemaking procedures can be considered with this extraordinary appellation. 

This special Chardonnay is one of these remarkable wines. Even if it overflows with aromas and flavors very related to the typicity, it also expresses the minerality of its growing soils. In the nose, I was gladly seduced by the complex bouquet of coconut, lavender, almonds, honey and peaches. In the mouth, the minerality becomes protagonist, refreshing the palate, giving roundness and structure and making it very lively, expressive and persistent. 

A specialty available at some SAQ stores for CAD 22. Highly recommended!

Marina La Forgia 

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