La Maldita, a new style of Rioja wines!

Happy to discover these 2 wines from Vivanco winery, La Maldita, that go beyond the traditional Rioja style! The red is a trendy Garnacha, fresh and easy to drink. Only part of the wine was aged in barrels and just for a couple months, so the wine is young and fruity with notes of red fruits and violets. Yes, it’s possible to get an every day Rioja and still feel the richness and elegancy of the authentic terroir and simply pair it with a pizza or a burger.

But, honestly, my special mention is to La Maldita white! This is a 100% Garnacha Blanca, an indigenous Spanish and very rare grape that grows in Rioja in limited quantities. What to expect? In nose you can feel expressive floral and herbal notes, with a crispy and refreshing acidity in the palate. Considering it’s not a common grape I celebrate the intention of this traditional winery to cultivate and vinify this varietal to demonstrate how unique and excellent the Garnacha Blanca from Rioja is.

La Maldita brand is, in my humble opinion, a good option to discover also how vibrant and vanguard can also be a classic and traditional region like the already well beloved Rioja. The world of wine still surprises, and I am every day looking for it. Olé!

Marina La Forgia 

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