Bottega wines: quality and elegance in equal proportions

Bottega is one of the biggest Prosecco brands all over the world. The beautiful golden bottles can be seen and enjoyed almost everywhere we go, and Montreal is not the exception. If you still don't know it yet, there is a passionate family behind leaded by Sandro Bottega, who is the wine "maker" of these authentic, fine and elegant Italian bubbles!
I gladly had the chance of attending a very complete tasting on his company and it's always enriching and pleasant to discover the wines and their secrets when they are unveiled first hand.

First of all, let me tell you that good Proseccos can perfectly age and be enjoyed on its maturity! A vertical tasting of Il Vino dei Poeti from 2013 to 2018 vintages gave me the exact dimension on how they can evolve in terms of aromas and flavors expression. From more fruity and fresh notes in the young ones to more complex bouquet and structure in the oldest vintages, I am surprised on the evolution of the Glera and its strong versatility.

And on top of it, even if we are used to recognize Bottega Proseccos thanks to its elegant marketing and unique brillant packaging, their wines go much further beyond.
As synonym of trend and vanguardism, Sandro Bottega made us discovered their new but at the same time "ancestral" Prosecco Nature that was absolutely amazing. Very intense, fruity and floral in the nose with a dry and delicate attack in the palate. A pure must try!

And last, but not least, I had also the chance to taste the Organic Prosecco DOC which will be available in the Quebec Market in a few months. Once again, it's another Bottega wine that shows quality and elegance in equal proportions!

Marina La Forgia

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