The perfect Cabernet for a perfect grill!

(By Marina La Forgia) My argentine roots and the pleasure of tasting delicious and intense wine and food pairings are still intact in my senses. I was in the search of the perfect Cabernet Sauvignon for my first "asado" of the season and I was gladly surprised by this Zolo wine from Bodegas Tapiz newly available in the Quebec market. Both aromas and flavors are extremely expressive in vegetal and green notes, with nice hints of red pepper and wild berries. Acidity, tannins and body are at the perfect point to well accompany the amazing grilled red meat which was also coming from Argentina. I felt like being in my beloved and missed country but actually this "festin" was in a beautiful national park here in Quebec....where I have the chance and the pleasure to be living since a long time and where I can fortunately get all these delicatessen!


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