A nice Moldovan Cabernet to enjoy more than “sometimes”!  

(By Marina La Forgia) I am not sure if we can really have the whole world in our hands, but “sometimes”, thanks to a bottle of wine, we can have a little bit of the world in a delicious sip! For example, I’ve never been in Moldova unfortunately, but I can gladly taste its terroir discovering some of the wines available here in Canada. Not yet in the SAQ stores, only by private imports there are some interesting labels and different wines to unveil! Like this very affordable Cabernet Sauvignon at CAD 12,60 made by Asconi Winery, which has in addition this so attractive label that makes us dream that we can get everything we’d want! Uneori means “sometimes” in Romanian language, and it’s a nice name for this very easy drinking red, soft and fruity, with the classic notes of cassis and green pepper, and a round and gentle body in the mouth. The wine comes from Codru, the central Moldovan wine region which has one of the most favorable conditions of climate, geography and winemaking to consider it a great terroir for fresh table wines. In my humble opinion, this Uneori can become more like a quotidian wine, rather than a sometimes one 😉! 

Import Agency : Vinohora & BGV wines www.vinohora.com


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