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Feteasca Neagra, someone ?

🍷🍇🍷Have you ever tried 100% Feteasca Neagra wines? If you haven’t yet and you are in the search of full bodied reds, then you should! 🙋‍♀️🔝
My choice of the day is once again a wine from Moldova, producing country I am discovering with a lot of excitement! It has so much to offer!
In terms of this indigenous intense grape variety, it is also very popular in Romania. Both regions share the passion and proudness of producing some top unique reds so intense and corpulent. Here the one produced by Moldovan prestigious producer Cricova, a delicious and high-quality red, limited edition, full of aromas and flavors. In the nose, it’s an explosion of spicy and smoky notes, and in the mouth it is very concentrated and intense in tannin structure. If you like strong reds to pair with your next “T-bone steak”, let me tell you that this wine is ready for you! Anyways, I also suggest to be patient and keep it in the cellar for a couple of years for an even better tasting experience!
Available only in private imports (ask @vinohora_wines for more details). Cheers! (Marina La Forgia)


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Vetiver Viura, a delight from Rioja

(By Marina La Forgia) Let me introduce you to this very pleasant white wine from Bodegas Ontañon made with Viura, indigenous grape from Rioja. Vetiver is a good mix of terroir expression and winemaking. It combines intense tropical fruits aromas with some buttery and smoky notes that make it very original, onctuous and rich without losing any elegance and delicacy in the palate. Yes, it's a 2014 vintage which means "an aged white", and it really resumes the authentic Rioja style. However, at the same time this Vetiver is an innovative and audacious type of wine that I really loved to discover. It's good to get out of the comfort zone sometimes, wine tasting speaking...right?

Viña Real Crianza, an authentic Rioja blend

(Marina La Forgia) I like red wines when they are fruity, fresh and elegant, but I like them most when they also have a good structure and are a genuine expression of their unique Rioja ones! The Viña Real Crianza from CVNE Bodegas is without any doubts one of these spanish reds that never disappoint. If you look for a medium bodied and delicate red wine for your tasty meals, then try this delicious blend of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Mazuelo, aged for a minimum of 1 year in both French and American oak barrels. Intense but round, fruity but also a bit herbaceous, this Crianza is an authentic and traditional Rioja. A unique style and a sure value. 

Apothic Red: Un blend de California intenso y misterioso

No soy una consumidora frecuente de vinos californianos, pero debo reconocer que en general me gustan mucho. Forman parte del ya conocido estilo nuevo mundo donde la fruta, el color y la intensidad de cuerpo, sabores y aromas son característicos. He descubierto recientemente un vino tinto sublime. La etiqueta se llama Apothic y es el único exponente de la bodega que lleva su nombre, Apothic Wines. Por lo visto han puesto su energía a vinificar un solo vino, pero con gran dedicación. Me he dejado gratamente cautivar por este vino desde lo visual. Ya su nombre es atractivo, proviene del latín “Apotheca” y nos remite al misterioso lugar donde en el medioevo los europeos elaboraban y almacenaban sus vinos. Y en su nombre está su esencia, ya que es un secreto “blend” del enólogo que incluye cuatro variedades intensas: Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon y Merlot. El resultado no es más que una explosión de fruta, ya sea en sus aromas como en el gusto. Una verdadera delicia para los se