A Chardonnay from the mountains!

(By Marina La Forgia) Another great Chardonnay that goes beyond the "buttery " style and that's why I like highlighting when it comes to Argentine wines! 
Santa Julia Mountain Blend is a very affordable line of wines made with grapes from different vineyards located at high altitude in the Uco Valley. This is, indeed, a different Chardonnay with a little bit more of acidity and then more fresh and light. The typical notes are still well appreciated but this gentle crispness makes it an original option if you want to discover the diversity and richness of Mendoza's unique terroirs. Quality price ratio is one of my favorite premises. Here I got it.


La vallée de Colchagua à son expression maximale

(Par Marina La Forgia) Amateurs de grands vins charnus et généreux…vous ne serez pas déçus avec le nouveau millésime du Quatro de Vina Montgras. Déjà un des vins bien connus et appréciés par les palais des québécois, ce blend chilien d’appellation Colchagua est un festin intense et savoureux. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Carmenere et Malbec sont les ingrédients de ce rouge corsé et expressif, débordant d’arômes de fruits de champs confiturés, de poivron rouge, de cannelle et de quelques notes animales et de cuir très particulières et qui, à mon avis, sont fort typiques des vins chiliens. En bouche, il est onctueux mais aussi très velouté, car ses tanins sont bien intégrés. En finale, le fruit et les épices reviennent avec une agréable intensité.
Une mention appart pour la belle étiquette qui change à chaque année. Celle du millésime 2018 est une création d’une artiste canadienne, Fanny Rice. Son œuvre, intitulée justement Colchagua, arrive à transmettre la fluidité du mouvement, la diversité et la recherche de l’équilibre. Tout comme le vin à l’intérieur. C’est le terroir à son expression maximale!


Le "garnacha" en lumière !

(Par Marina La Forgia) Parce que c'est un Garnacha espagnol authentique à prix très abordable, parce que son étiquette moderne et attirante aide à mettre le focus sur la bouteille et parce qu'il a tout une histoire en arrière d'amour pour le terroir et le cépage, je vous présente ma belle petite découverte! Le "Foco", un vin d'appellation Cariñena exclusivement fait pour le Quebec par Bodegas Esteban Martin est convivial, généreux et versatile. Il déborde de notes de fruits rouges mûrs, de quelques épices comme la cannelle et même un petit peu de cuir et tabac. En bouche c'est un vin juteux et très rond, d'une belle simplicité et absolument facile à marier.  L'Espagne rayonne avec ce cépage qui prend de plus en plus les palais des amoureux du vin du monde. Le mien inclus!


A different refreshing version of a Californian Chardonnay!

(By Marina La Forgia) It’s always nice to taste a new style of new world Chardonnays. If you, like me, are in the search of some more freshness and less oaky notes in this well known type of whites, there is the Chardonnay from Bonterra winery in Mendocino, California, that perfectly expresses the genuine typicity highlighting the nature of its unique terroir.  This organic and even vegan white wine has surprised me for its different but quite elegant aromas of green apple, pear and lime. In the mouth, it’s still very unctuous and rich in body thanks to the oak and malolactic fermentations, however the fruity flavors and some mineral hints are still predominant, giving a crispy and vibrant fresh aftertaste. Pretty interesting to discover a diverse style of well-made American Chardonnays available at the SAQ stores for less than CAD 20. Cheers!

A Sauvignon Blanc from Italy? Why not!

(By Marina La Forgia) I have to confess that I am a big fan of Sauvignon Blanc grape variety since I started drinking wine. I really love its so unique herbal and citric aromas and flavors and what a great discovery to see that in Italy there is also some great options of authentic expression. This delicious white Castel Firmian made by Mezzacorona winery comes from the Trentino-Alto Adige, a worthy discovery region in Italy that produces in my opinion some of the most original and interesting white wines of the country. The expected notes of lemon and fresh grass are subtly mixed with some flowers perfumes that make it very delicate and elegant. In the mouth, it keeps the subtility but adding some crispy acidity that helps to gently refresh the palate. A very nice, affordable and original “vino bianco italiano” to enjoy in the terrace!


The Veneto expression, one glass a time…

(By Marina La Forgia) This is the kind of wine that I really like for being intense and delicate at the same time. Made as a blend from two native grapes from Italy, the Corvina and the Rondinella, I dare say that La Bragia is a classic red from Veneto. Attractive aromas of red fruits jam, some notes of pepper and cloves, it is a wine with a great bouquet, generous and abundant. In the mouth, it has a very unctuous body but very gentle and easy to drink. Almost one year of aging in oak barrels made it a wine of character, with a long finish of pleasant notes of nuts and chocolate. Consider it as a perfect match to accompany any dish of typical Italian pasta and the most savory tomato sauce. Another wine of a great personality made by Allegrini, one of the most prestigious wineries in Italy that also has a solid reputation and an excellent wine variety in this market. Not to be missed! 


The elegant taste of a Chianti Classico

(By Marina La Forgia) One of the most emblematic red wines from Italy is without any doubt the Chianti. These wines made in beautiful Tuscany are generally fresh and very easy to drink. I am a good fan of "Classico" ones that express the most elegant authenticity and here a good exponent, the Lamole di Lamole! A delicious and fruity blend of organic grapes of Sangiovese blended with some Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot smooth and tasty. In the nose, it offers nice aromas of cherry, raspberry and some hints of cinammon and leather to create a very interesting bouquet. But it is the very gentle acidity in the palate plus the very present fruity character which really impressed me, giving a good structure and volume to the wine. A classic Italian red to enjoy in different occasions and actually perfect for a grilled red meat or the most savory pasta dish!

A Chardonnay from the mountains!

(By Marina La Forgia) Another great Chardonnay that goes beyond the "buttery " style and that's why I like highlighting when i...