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Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2020

Grillo, grillo….from Julius Caesar to us!

(By Marina La Forgia) If you are used to buy the same kind of whites but you are somehow in the search of getting out of your comfort zone, I have the one for you! From Sicilian producer Casa Vinicola Natale Verga, here its 100% organic Grillo, one of the most interesting indigenous grapes from South of Italy! The legend says that this grape was the favourite of Julius Caesar….and eventually it can be also yours! I liked this wine because it’s an authentic example of the variety. It offers a very unique and expressive bouquet with lots of herbal notes, citrus, almonds, grass and green apple. In the mouth, there is a hint of bitterness and a refreshing acidity, both giving a very interesting tasting experience in the palate. This uniqueness and rusticity is very appreciated if you look for a different white to wake all your senses up! It can perfectly match chicken, fishes and pasta with any savoury creamy sauce.  

A charming Galician Albariño!

(By Marina La Forgia) Among the wonderful Spanish grape varieties, the Albariño has found in the Galician Rias Baixas appellation one of its best terroirs. If you don’t believe me, here you have a great example! I got absolutely seduced by this 100% Albariño from Bodegas Millenium - Bodegas Gallegas which has everything you can expect for a unique and delicious dry, fresh and aromatic white. All the typical white fruit notes such as pear, apple and peach are very present in the nose and they become smooth and enveloping in the mouth. All this fruity character is complemented by a refreshing acidity and a particular hint of minerality, becoming a very delicate and interesting wine to taste. If haven’t done yet, and if your budget at SAQ stores is less than 16 CAD, this is the kind of Spanish blanco that worth discovering! It can superbly accompany a sea food paella or a simple but multiple savory tapeo apetizer.